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Frozen 100 Escargots Garlic & Butter

This Escal escargot speciality is prepared according to an original recipe with garlic butter. Ready in a few minutes in the oven, you will discover the tastes of the French gastronomy.


THE SPECIES: Classical escargot, or Helix lucorum, is a type of wild escargot which is collected by hand in the forest regions and humid banks from the Balkans where the nature is still preserved.

THE CALIBER: The size Small corresponds to little snail meats, very easy to eat. It guarantees 43g of prepared escargots per dozen for the Helix lucorum type.

THE RECIPE: This original and flavorsome recipe with garlic butter will treat all the French grastronomy lovers to a meal.

THE PREPARATION: Our escargots are prepared with care: meats are washed and cooked before being put back in shells. Then, they are stuffed by hand with a flavorsome butter-stuffing in our Alsatian factory.

PACKAGING: This bag contains about 8.3 dozens (100 Pcs) of snails.


Cooking instructions:
Put the escargot on a baking plate upwards. Bake at 150°C (th.5) for 8 to 12 minutes. Serve hot as soon as the butter starts to sizzle.

As accompaniement: fresh baguette

Bon appétit!

Frozen 100 Escargots Garlic & Butter

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